Certains meilleurs endroits à visiter à Venise gratuitement »

 Certains meilleurs endroits à visiter à Venise gratuitement


Venice, the lagoon city of Europe and having the prestige of being one of the most romantic cities in the world and is recognized in the deeper into the psyche of a traveling petting and I have not the slightest hesitation in saying to myself a sort of traveler who has always been in my itinerary to travel around the city of choice and opportunity. However, my dream to visit this city of my thoughts the most revered became nervous since the arrival of the euro in Europe and I felt heavier on my wallet. Somehow I gathered enough courage to travel to this town on the premise that broke out in my mind at the beginning of the year. So I landed straight at the nearest airport of Venice and reached my pre Hotels in VeniceBut I have already said about my intentions and thoughts on budgeting, therefore, I prefer one of cheap hotels in Venice.

During my visit to Venice after their stay at the hotel with my relaxation, I started around the city with some spots more preferred that can be covered completely for free. So I began my journey to the city of his career on the waterfront of Venice. The waterfront of Venice from since a long time or it is built entirely on the sea about on more than 114 islands that employs canals and boats instead of streets and cars. I had the opportunity there is plenty of action at the water's edge as I found shops and a restaurant instead of streets and cars. I even did the best opportunity to walk along the promenade because it gave me an opportunity to the docks where yachts and many other seas and oceans stay. In this way we can also have the chance to see the charming hotels and exhibition venues.

The next point that people I went there was the Piazza San Marco, where farms couple hands instead was surrounded by pigeons and merchants who sell roses. I found it to be the right place very romantic imagination out there in the night where you can listen to music and can keep up the lighting of the Doge's Palace across the water. It was the most memorable experience of my life. After that, I propose to look at the basilica which is a great pleasure for all those who love architecture and art creativity. The structure of the dome of the basilica and a Byzantine interior showing extra ordinary mosaic gold. The container on the last visit of the city was the island of Murano and Burano which was observed by me on this memorable day. Murano is much more famous for its Venetian glass is exported worldwide and Burano has many numbers of houses painted in bright colors. After that I returned to my hotel I noticed that even after the comfort is one of the best Venice Hotels.
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